So I mentioned that I might put some some album reviews. I guess this will be the first… kinda.

I say ‘kinda’ because it’s not really an album, but two. And not really new, just a new way of listening to it.

What I’m talking about is Radiohead’s 01 and 10.

You may be saying: “But I’m a HUGE Radiohead fan. How did I not know about this album.” Well that’s where the ‘not really new’ comes in.

The guy at Puddlegum lays it out a lot better than I could, but what it is is taking OK Computer and In Rainbows and sequencing them track by track to get a seamless, and eerily cohesive, ‘new’ album. You’ve probably heard both of these albums a zillion times before, (I wasn’t even a big Radiohead fan but OK Computer was one of the albums that changed my life) but now you’ll hear them in a whole new light.

The main article doesn’t mention it, but having a 10sec. crossfade between tracks really does do wonders for the flow of things. It’s pretty easy to set up in most media players.

Also, since I’m such a nice guy, I took the work out of it for you! You can find what you’re looking for here.